I've been gathering information on the ElectroHarmonix 16 second Digital delay. Here's what I've found sofar and links to places with more information. Soon I will be digging into an actual unit to repair it and I intend to take copious pictures and make notes. EH16

DiskTool for Ensoniq Mirage.

Mirage disk-image editor for Windows95. Works with images created with mread/mwrite.

Mirage Tools for Ensoniq Mirage

The (in)famous mread/mwrite. Really prefers to be run under plain old DOS. Suggest you not use the command line options.

ie : just do "mread filename" to read a disk and "mwrite filename" to write a disk.

DAC selection tutorial written by Paul Schreiber of Synthesis Technology. This was a series of three postings to the Synth-DIY mailing list.


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